Orientation Tour


With over 15 million residents, and millions of commuters traveling in and out of Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta can become overwhelming for new comers, especially if it comes to finding their new home in this populous city.

In general distances are not measured in miles or kilometers, in Jakarta we measure by time spent in traffic.

This means that in many cases it can take you hours to get to from your house to your office or for your kids to get to their school from your new home if you don’t choose wisely.

Therefore, we need to be very strategic in your search of your new home

Here at Noble Properties we believe that our orientation tour can be one of the first key milestones for a successful relocation to Jakarta. We want you to find a happy place and have a happy life for your next endeavor while you spend time in our colorful city.

Noble Properties provide you with experienced local specialists that will take their time to fully understand your brief, and then work to ensure that these objectives are achieved within agreed timelines.

Our orientation tour is aimed at providing answers to any questions you might have, or information about hidden places that often take expatriates months or years to discover.

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