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Willem Geerlings

Former Counsellor at the South African Embassy in Jakarta

When I arrived in Jakarta Ms Rizwari assisted me and my family to find a home. Her commitment to support us enabled us to find a house very much to our liking and close to my workplace.

During our almost 5 year stay in Jakarta she also acted as agent and took care of us in a very professional and dedicated way, be it with problems related to the house or more complicated matters like the extension of the contract. Her conduct as go-between in our interactions with the landlady can only be commended

Anita Othman

We met Ms Fahra of Noble Properties when we relocated to Jakarta in 2008. She was professional, intelligent, patient and always had our interests in mind. She got us a lovely home near to our daughter’s school and even showed me around Jakarta.

What impressed us most about Ms Farah was that she continued to help us after we moved in. We had issues with the house and she stepped in without any hesitation and spoke with the landlord.

After our housing contract expired, she helped us to get another house and continued to be a go- between the landlord and us. In all, we have known her for almost 6 years and I must say that she had provided exemplary service.

Ajay Bandhu

CEO & President Director at PT Home Credit Indonesia

I have worked with Fahra and her team since 2012, as they helped source both residential and Office space for my company. Our requirements for office space was always challenging as we were a fast expanding company and needed to be able to increase our working space in a very short time. Fahra and her associates were able to find us, both the most appropriate space as well as help us to sign up a flexible deal, which would allow us to expand in the very short future.

As the CEO of a multi-national financial company, we also needed to find our expats suitable home accommodation to cater for their new lives in a new country. We signed up with Fahra and her company to arrange the right kind of expat accommodation at the best possible term, within a very short time.

I can recommend Farah and her firm as I am myself one of her personal clients and I am not an easy person to work with, especially when it comes to getting the best possible service for the best price! After 5 years, I am still living in the same property arranged by Farah and can happily recommend her company’s services to anybody, looking for personalized and customized real estate service in Jakarta.

Anna Hemmer

Head of MINI at BMW Group Indonesia

Noble Properties was really helpful in finding me an apartment. Fahra Rizwari, my housing agent, showed me apartment options in different price categories and with different facilities to understand my preferences better.

Very fast, she adapted to my expectations and this made the search well-paced and satisfying. She knows the housing market and the different locations in and out and identifies the ones which are fulfilling the individual expectations.

The apartments she proposed fitted my taste perfectly and I even had a hard time to choose between the two last options in the end. Whenever there was anything where support was needed, she was available and always made me feel perfectly taken care of.

The service is not just about finding a housing option, but having a trustful long-term partner whom one can rely on.
Thanks a lot for that!

Kai & Dorle Berndt


As an expat family with baby, we needed to find a family-friendly area within reach of my husband’s office in the city center. We were unsure about the living concept – with possibilities ranging from apartment to single house to compound – nor had a clue about the city. Luckily we found Mrs. Rizwari to help us conquer new territory.

She would not only present us with a broad range of (partly rare) housing options, but provide her vast knowledge of Jakarta’s neighbourhoods and longtime experience with expats. Thanks to her we did not just find a house, but our own private niche within Jakarta’s complexity. We called it “home” after a week only

Paula Mármol


Fahra worked with us tirelessly until we found a place we could call home. Our needs were pretty specific in terms of equipment, location and budget (we needed to find two fine apartments in a prime area for a pretty adjusted rental). And she was able to work the magic!

We loved our places and never had to deal with any inconvenience in regards of the owners´requests or requirements. She handled It all. I highly recommend her assistance for any expat that is looking for something comfy and at not be paying bulle price!

Rodrigo de la Viña

Deputy Head of Mission at Embassy of Spain

My experience at Kempinski was perfect and Ms Rizwari was always kind and efficient.

Jung Woo and Kim

Marketing Director – PT Daimler Commercial Vehicles Indonesia

Houses/Apartments introduced were meeting our expectations. And, negotiations with the landlord were done in good ways reflecting the demand from us.


Teacher at Jakarta Intercultural School

I have been very satisfied with the frequent communication, responses within 24 hours and most within the hour. Igna has been thorough in explanations. Igna has exceeded my expectations in helping to organize workers/companies to fix things we found weren’t working properly during our first week in the house. She did it quickly, asked the right questions to understand the situation, and was a reliable point person.

Takeshi Miyazawa

First Secretary, Mission of Japan to the Association of ASEAN

I am very satisfied with Ms Ignacia’s work.
She respond to my request kindly and immediately.
She is so nice!

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